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Workers Compensation Fund of Utah Annual Report/Billboards

I shot images for Workers Compensation Fund of Utah again this year. This year we shot the annual report and this upcoming years billboards that you will see across the wasatch front. I have attached the images that were used in the annual report. The billboard images will be coming shortly once they are up! I always love shooting for WCF they are so good to work with. It is always good to shoot for a client that respects and values your work and what you do for them. That is how I feel when I shoot for them. This time around we shot all kids which was an adventure for sure but was fun. We had some good locations and good people to shoot. We shot at 5 locations in one day so which only gave us about an hour at each location. We had to really work fast to get the shot and get to the next location. All in all it was a great shoot! Here are the images.

New Lights and a Billboard

With the move into the new studio I needed to buy some new lights and after much debate decided to purchase some Profoto D1 Air’s. I new I wanted to get some sort of a profoto kit because they are simply the best lights I’ve ever shot with. The big question was which kit to get. I narrowed it down to 2 kits, the D1 kit or the Acute 2’s. I shot with them both and really liked them both. Each of them had some different advantages but ultimately I decided to go with D1 Air’s because I felt like the worked better on location. For many of my shoots I don’t use more than 1 light and even though you need a battery or some sort of power supply it was much easier to do that with the D1 kit. Also the fact that you can control each head separately with d1 remote I felt like they were far more versatile than the acute kit, which if you were in a studio all day would be great but since I do the majority of my work on location they were a great investment.

Just a heads up Workers Compensation of Utah just used one of my images I shot for them on their billboard. I think it turned out nice. Check it out.

Lastly on a personal note I just had a baby girl last month and will be doing a new post about here as soon as I get a few nice shots edited down. I’ve shot a ton of photos of her already! ha ha!

Thanks for following along and cheers!


A Few new shoots I did this last month

I wanted to show everyone a few of the most recent projects that I did this last month and a half or so. I shot another project for Workers Compensation Fund of Utah. They called and wanted me to shoot some additional shots like we did for their annual report of some of their employees to put in the new building they are about to finish this month. It was a great shoot. We than took the images and printed them on 20×30 aluminum stand out prints. I just dropped them off today and as soon as they are hung in the new building I will go an get a few shots to post. I also did a shoot for LDS Church they are getting ready to launch a newly updated website called www.mormon.org and they needed some shots of missionaries.  The shoot went really well and I will include some of those also in this post. Lastly I will include a project I did for the American Heart Association. They have a group of women called the Circle of Red that are women that donate a good chunk of money to the Heart Association and than are involved in activities throughout the year. The group shot will be used in an ad in the upcoming issue of Salt Lake Magazine. They asked me to shoot a portrait of each of the women and than a big group shot of all of them together. I shot all of them in my studio. We had to shoot the group in smaller groups than composite it together afterwords in photoshop to make it work but all in all I think it turned out nice. Please feel free to comment, I love feedback. Thanks as always for following the blog.

Here are some of the Workers Comp shots.

Here are a few of the shots I did for the LDS Church.

Finally here are a few from the American Heart Association

Workers Compensation Fund of Utah

I just finished up shooting some photos for Workers compensation fund of Utah’s Annual Report. The photos turned out really great and they were really nice to work with. The were pretty open to a lot of my suggestions and gave me a pretty open book to work with. They obviously had locations and the sign thing is there signature kind of plan right now. As far as where we shot inside the locations etc. they kind of let me do what ever I thought would be best. All of these were shot here in the Salt Lake Valley. Since most of you won’t be receiving the annual report in the mail, ha ha ha, I thought I better share some of the shots. They wanted something with some grit and was still corporate friendly, this is what I came up with.  Thanks to Rachel and Ashlee for their help with everything!