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New Billboard for Workers Compensation Fund of Utah

In January I was hired by Workers Compensation Fund of Utah to shoot their ’12 annual report images and their ’13 advertising images. They are one of my favorite clients. We always have a great time working together and get to shoot in some pretty interesting work environments. We also work really well together. It is so nice to have a client that really trusts you and your vision and then is willing to invest in it. They are a great bunch. I’m so grateful to be able to work with them. One of the billboards we shot is out now and running along the Wasatch Front. Here is the first image, there will be more coming throughout the year. I’ll post things as they run! Thanks for checking things out and to WCF!

WCF Billboard March '13

Workers Compensation Annual Report

I just finished up the photos of the new annual report for Workers Compensation Fund. We did 7 shots over a day and a half or so. It was a great shoot. They switched it up this year and didn’t do the signs like we did last year. Instead they incorporated employees that had good things written about them by policy holders that demonstrated the values of the company. I always love shooting for them. There is always a really great vibe. Check out the shots! Thanks Rachel, Ben and Greg and Cory for your help.