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Sunrise over Salt Lake City Inversion

Time Lapse of Sunrise Over Salt Lake City Inversion

Last weekend I decided to get up early and see if I could create a cool time lapse video of sunrise over a Salt Lake City Inversion. I got up early and drove to a trailhead above downtown and started hiking. I wasn’t really sure if I could hike high enough to get out of the inversion before the sun came up, but decided to try. I hiked for a awhile while in the dark, cold, and fog, second guessing whether or not this was going to work. Shortly after that I popped out into a beautiful scene just as the sun was starting to come up. I set up my camera and started shooting. This is how it turned out. I love it when you follow your gut and it pays off. Enjoy!

Night Time Lapse Test

Last night I decided to test out shooting a night time lapse. I hiked up into the foothills above Salt Lake City and for about and hour and half did a time lapse test. It actually turned out pretty rad and I’m exited to go out again and do really nice long version of this over a few hours. It takes a long time to shoot at night because you can only get 1-2 shots in each min, so its kind of tedious.  Here is little teaser that I shot last night. I shot this with the a fixed 24mm on my D4 over an hour or so. There will be more to come! Stay tuned!

New Park City Trail Running and Mountain Biking Shots

When I’ve had some extra time I’ve been putting together some new portfolio shoots. I’ve recently done a couple of new shoots for my book. I first shot a couple mountain biking and then a Park City trail running shot. I was really happy with how they turned out and wanted to thank everyone that helped out on them. These first few images are from the couple mountain biking. We shot these in the Alpine loop up American Fork Canyon. I wanted to get a shot of a couple enjoying sport of mountain biking but not have it look to set up or anything. I really liked how it turned out. Here it is a couple of finals from that shoot. These were all shot with natural light and a little bounce.

Mountain Biking Couple Female  Mountain Bike portrait

The next shoot was a new trail running shot showing the close vicinity to trails that Park City has. Trying to show the relationship between mountain and the city. This one I shot with a portable strobe and early morning sun shot through a big umbrella to sharpen up things and add a nice fill.

Trail running in Park City Trail running in Park City #2 Trail running in Park City #4