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New work and projects

I’ve had some time lately to work on some personal projects and I wanted to share some of the shots. I shot all the running shots with a great hair/makeup artist Jodi Gleave. The fist images are new running shots and than I’ve also started a new series on sailing the great salt lake which has been coming along nicely and has been interesting.  Here are a few of my favorite new images from the last little while. There will be more to come! Stay tuned!



Sailing The Great Salt Lake


Avalanche Dog Training

Last Friday I went up to get a few shots of the avalanche dog training at Snowbird. It was a cool event that I thought would be good for my portfolio. I had the opportunity to get buried in a car and have the dogs try and find me. Pretty rad. This was a training course for 28 different avalanche rescue teams from all over the western United States. Here are a few of my favorite shots that I took. Thanks again Dean!

Rocks and Ruins

I took a couple of trips these last few weeks to Mexico and to the San Rafael Swell in southern Utah. My wife and I went to Mexico and my brother, who was in town from Portland, took me down to the San Rafael Swell with the rest of my family for some camping and canyoneering in some of Utah’s amazing slot canyons. The canyon that he took us to got so narrow that you turn sideways and take your backpack off to get through at spots, it was so rad! Than while my wife and I were in Mexico we went to Chichen Itza which is now one of the 7 wonders of the world. I wanted to share so of the shots I got of these two great places. Enjoy!

Here are a few shots I got in southern Utah

Here are a few from Mexico

New Portfolio Project

I have started a new portfolio project that I will be working on over the next few months that I am really exited about. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have been really trying to focus on what it is I love to shoot the most and what I feel like I’m best at.  I wanted to put together a project to showcase that in a cool way. The idea that I came up with is to photograph people doing what they love most. What gets people up in the morning, or what they like to do with a day off or for a career etc.  I am going to shoot a nice portrait shot and than pair it with a shot of them doing what they love. I just finished the first one and I will be putting it up with this post. I am planning on doing 20 of these over the next few months. This first one, that I just shot,  is of a snowboarder named Scott. He loves snowboarding, he rides nearly everyday and lives to ride. He was a perfect person to shoot for this. My hope with the project is to be able to shoot a variety of people. I have a person lined up who loves to cook another who loves to dance, another that is a big cyclist. I am still looking for a few more people if you or anyone you know is interested please email me.  Anyways here is the first installment of many more installments. Hopefully when its all done I will have a nice lifestyle/editorial book put together to show ad agencies etc. Thanks Scottie for doing this with me! Check it out, I would love productive feedback! Keep in mind they will be paired together side by side but for the blog they didn’t fit it was too wide, oh well here are the shots.