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Cross Country Skiing in West Yellowstone

Last week I was invited to get some shots in West Yellowstone of a friend cross country skiing, along with some of her friends. I thought it would be fun to go up and get some new shots for my portfolio. I also thought it would be good practice since I hadn’t ever shot cross country skiing before. Conditions looked good so I figured I was bound to get something cool out of it. Lets be honest they had snow and we didn’t have much so that was a good start.

I got up at 4:30 am Saturday morning and drove the 5 hours to get up to West Yellowstone from Salt Lake City. Drive went well and I arrived about 10 am.  I started out by scouting locations on snowshoes along the various trails to get a feel for what might work best. I didn’t know beforehand but West Yellowstone is home to some of the best cross country skiing trails in the country. A trail system called the Rendezvous Trail system gives skiers 200 km of nicely groomed trails just outside Yellowstone National Park to enjoy which is pretty epic.

After scouting for a couple of hours and finding a few good spots that I wanted to use, I meet up with my friend Amber and her friend Christa who had arrived the day before. We discussed options, went over clothing, and made a game plan. We decided we would get shots in the trail system that afternoon and then get shots along the river via another trail first thing in the morning. With that plan in mind we headed out after lunch.

Anytime I’ve shoot a new sport it takes a little practice to get it right and figure out when the athletes are in the best form etc. To be honest the only time I’d really seen cross country skiing was during the Olympics. It’s always seems to take a bit before I start to feel like we are getting something cool. Learning about and understanding what your shooting is key I’ve learned. I was trying to shoot primarily with available light on for these shots so I could focus on movement.

Overall we got a few really nice shots and it was a fun little adventure. I even got to eat my first Bison Burger, and have to say it was quite delicious. West Yellowstone kind of felt like the old wild wild west and is a fun place to spend a couple of days. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the trip.Image of a cross country skiier along a river bank at sunrise in West YellowstoneEntrance sign to West YellowstoneTown of West YellowstoneRendezvous Traii Head, West YellowstoneAmber puts on her cross country skisCross country skiing in West YellowstonCross Country Skiing in West YellowstoneTaking a break while cross country skiingDetail shot of cross crountry skisAmber holds her skis while standing next to the warming hutResting in front of the warming hut after skiingCross Country skiing with the sun setting in the backgroundDetail shot of cross country skisWestYellowstoneSkiing-8Two cross country skiiers in West YellowstoneAmber snowshoeing in west yellowstoneWest Entrence to Yellowstone in the WinterDQ-1

Bookkeeping, Thailand, Film and a Timelapse

This last week has been a good one. I had to spend a good chunk of time on my books and had to pay sales tax which I realized I was a day late paying. Those are the things you just don’t think about doing when you start you own photography business. I use Quickbooks to do my day to day bookkeeping which works well as long as I keep on it and just update it every month. If I don’t it takes forever to update it because I have to go back and try and remember a bunch of transactions. Then I have my CPA do my end of the year stuff and taxes. Seems to work well but all of it takes time. Its one of those things you have to be really careful to stay on to keep the business running and so you can know where you are financially which is hard for lots of photographers and creatives in general.

I was in between shoots this week and was apple to get a bunch of editing done. Finally got through most of my Thailand shots from last month. Thailand was such an epic trip. What an amazing place. It was the first time I’d been somewhere that was totally out of my normal element and I loved it. It proved to be more of a challenge then I expected to get good portfolio stuff that was consistent with the rest of my work. Over all though,  I was happy with what I got and it was a great learning experience for me. It’s definitely not every day that someone offers to take you halfway around the world in exchange to teach them how to take better pictures so I wanted to make the most out of it. The only bad part of the trip was that I was fighting a head cold the entire trip which made for an uncomfortable trip but things could always have been worse.  Here are some of my favorites!

Thailand-1937Thailand-4865Thailand-4529 Thailand-2295 Thailand-7035 Thailand-7176 Thailand-6979Thailand--2

Thailand- Thailand-6754 Thailand-6817 Thailand-5569  Thailand-8382 Thailand-8377 Thailand-8259 Thailand-8199 Thailand-8110 Thailand-7507 Thailand-6973Thailand-8583 Thailand-3443ChinaThailand-8646 Thailand-4057From the Plane Thailand-4194I finished editing a job I shot for SelectHeath and images I shot for a Browning clothing catalog so it was nice to get all caught up on my post production stuff.

On Wednesday I was working on some post production stuff and got sick of staring at my computer so I went and rented a medium format film camera and decided to shoot some new landscapes and portraits on film. It was fun to shoot on film again, it has been years since I have and it was a nice change up just go out and shoot old school again. I’m pickin up my film today and am exited to see how it turnd out. Along the way I captured a pretty epic timelapse of the fog building in the Salt Lake Valley. Check it out!

That was pretty much my week. Exited to about the new format of the blog. Hopefully as it develops it will be enjoyable to follow and read.  If there is something you would like me to write about please let me know. As always thanks for you checking it out and your support!