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Nikon D810 Hands on Test.

In this post we are going to dive into some of the new features of the latest Nikon DSLR the Nikon D810 that I just picked up. Before we do that however I just want to mention a couple things. July was a crazy month. I had a couple of bigger advertising and commercial jobs come through that took a lot of pre production with castings and scouting etc. Everything went well though, clients were happy.  Still working on finals for them once the run and use them I will post. The other thing is in a couple of weeks I’m heading to ICELAND!!! So stoked! Heading there for 10 days to shoot with a small group of guys and get a few shots for a few clients and explore the amazing landscapes. Definitely a dream to be able to go.

Getting back to things, a couple of weeks ago the latest Nikon DSLR the D810 was released which I was lucky enough to get the day they shipped. (Thanks to Pictureline!) It was announced about a month ago and I was pretty eager to get my hands on one ever since. It is an update to the popular D800. I currently shoot with a Nikon D4 which has been an amazing camera. The D4 is Nikon’s flagship Pro Body designed for sport photographers and photojournalists. The D810 is designed for landscape and portrait photographers that want lots of detail thanks to its 36mp sensor. Since I shoot sports, lifestyle, portraits and landscapes having both bodies is really the best of both worlds.

After I picked up the new camera I decided to test it out in Teton National Park on a backpacking trip I was doing with my Dad. Rugged mountains, wildlife, crazy weather, and tons of activities going on there all the time it’s a great place to shoot. I was excited to try out some of the new time lapse features, see how the improved sensor worked and one of the coolest new things about the this camera the ability to shoot 1080 HD resolution video at 60 fps.

Here are a few of images that I liked from the trip. We ended up having to come out a day early so I didn’t get as much time as I wanted to up there but we got a few nice shots and cool time lapse out of it.

Death Canyon in Teton National ParkThe above photo I shot on my Dads birthday which happened during the trip. He is a champ. Not many Dads want to spend their 58th birthday on a 14 mile backpacking trip but he did and I was glad!

Teton National Park on a Sunny DaySo zoomed out all the way your like it looks good but what is really amazing is this that the images are 24″x16″ and at 100% the image below is what you get. So crazy! It is going to make amazing prints and for for clients it will be great to retain detail in large format presentations.

Below is a night shot taken in the middle of the night when the stars were bright.

BKF_0223Overall I like the smaller body when you are out hiking or backpacking like we were on this trip. I did miss the backlit buttons of the D4 when shooting at night but other than that it worked great. The images seemed sharper than the previous D800. The new time lapse features are really great for getting nice smooth time lapse videos, thanks to the new exposure smoothing feature. I didn’t get a chance to test the new video capabilities on this trip but will definitely get the opportunity in Iceland later this month. All in all I was really impressed with the camera and look forward to getting out and using it for clients and for my own personal use. Well done Nikon.