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Sports Lifestyle Photography In LA-Part 2

I wanted to follow up on the second part of my shoot in LA to create some new sports lifestyle photography. After getting shots of Dillon and Kelly. I was talking with Donna about other models etc and she mentioned that she could line me up with another fitness model named Shannon Decker. The next day we set things up and decided to get shots of her on the beach around sunset. Here are a few of my favorites from her shoot. She is a natural and really fun to work with, a real pro. She has a great personality that she brings with her and it helps make working with her really enjoyable.

Model Shannon Decker on Santa Monica BeachModel Shannon Decker on Santa Monica BeachFitness Model Shannon Decker Running StairsModel Shannon Decker Stretching on the beachModel Shannon Decker on Beach  Model Shannon Decker Running on the BeachModel Shannon Decker on the BeachModel Shannon Decker on the BeachND8_1128Model Shannon Decker on the BeachModel Shannon Decker on the BeachThe last model I photographed was another talented model named Jessica T. I really wanted to get a nice paddleboarding shot while I was down here and I thought Jessica was the perfect person for it. We planned on doing a quick portrait, some fitness shots and then a final paddleboarding shot in the marina. We got the portrait, got the fitness shots but when we got the location for the paddleboarding shot I realized the light wasn’t working and we had to come up with an alternative shot. We ended up doing some running shots on the beach. It was great and she was also really nice to work with. All the models I’ve worked with from Sports and Lifestyle Unlimited have been great. These were my favorites from her shoot.

Jessica Running on the beach ND4_2216 ND4_2342 ND4_2452 ND8_1443 ND8_1530 ND8_1583 ND8_1618 ND8_1696 1 ND8_1820 ND8_1836


All in all I was happy with the images I created while there. It was a successful test. The models and Agency were really happy with images and I want me to come back down to shoot more of their talent. It’s opened up opportunities and I’ll be back soon LA. Thanks for checking it out!