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Workers Compensation Fund of Utah Annual Report/Billboards

I shot images for Workers Compensation Fund of Utah again this year. This year we shot the annual report and this upcoming years billboards that you will see across the wasatch front. I have attached the images that were used in the annual report. The billboard images will be coming shortly once they are up! I always love shooting for WCF they are so good to work with. It is always good to shoot for a client that respects and values your work and what you do for them. That is how I feel when I shoot for them. This time around we shot all kids which was an adventure for sure but was fun. We had some good locations and good people to shoot. We shot at 5 locations in one day so which only gave us about an hour at each location. We had to really work fast to get the shot and get to the next location. All in all it was a great shoot! Here are the images.

Blinkbid Photography Software and ipad Portfolio’s

This last week I started using Blinkbid software to do my estimates and invoices. I was told about about this software by my studio partner Mitch Meyer. For the last 4 years I’ve been using Quickbooks to do all my invoices and estimates. I also use it for my book keeping which it has been great for that but more recently I’ve had a few issues with clients being confused about how the images could be used so I needed something that was more tailored to photography that has some sort of usage agreement built in. That is where Blinkbid comes in. It helps you build a custom usage agreement for each estimate that can easily be made into an invoice. This is so great. The usage is spelled out and very clear so there is no confusion about how the images can be used. The other great feature of this software is that it can export your invoices you create in Blinkbid to Quickbooks allowing me to keep using Quickbooks for my bookkeeping while utilizing blinkbid’s tailored photography features. It’s pretty much sweet. I’m still getting used to using the program but from what I’ve seen so far I think it’s going to be a match made in heaven.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of using an ipad for portfolio. I think I’m going to do a custom clamshell type book that has a printed portfolio along with a build out for a place to put an ipad. Over the last few months I’ve been meeting with quite a few ad agencies and magazines and I think its time to update my portfolio to something more unique and individual. Right now I just have a standard 11×14 black leather portfolio with prints in those dumb plastic sleeves and I don’t think it leaves a good impression. Plus I think it would be cool if there were multiple people looking at your book to be able to pass around a couple of options. I’m in the beginning stages of putting it together but I think it will be really sweet when its done. I’m interested to see where things go with all the magazines doing ipad versions of their magazines. I’ll let post it when its done but I think it is going to take about six weeks to get it all done.

Health Care Hero’s, a new studio, and a new website!!

I can’t believe summer is almost over. This year is just flying by. I have been so busy its been crazy, not just with work but there is a lot going on trying to get ready for our new baby that is coming in Oct! Crazy!! I was in Portland a few weeks ago and I just got back from DC last week.  In the middle of all that, I just launched a new website that you can check out here if you happened to came across this blog some other way.  Finally, on top of everything else, this week we moved into a new photography studio at 333 W. Pierpont Ave. studio 3 which means we will still located downtown Salt Lake but in a studio that is in a much better location and is an overall much better space. I moved the office into the new studio also and it is nice having the shooting space and the office at the same location. I will post a few photos once we get things in order.

Along with the news I wanted to put a few new images. I just finished up another editorial feature for Aug. issue of Utah Business Magazine that is out now called Health Care Hero’s.  I shoot this feature for them every year. It features individuals and companies that are doing great things in the Utah health care industry. This year we decided to run the images in black and white which I think was a nice way to change things up a bit. Here are a few for everyone to look at. I am happy with how the images turned out.

I will be posting some images of my portland and dc trips as soon as I get them edited down. For now there are a couple of them on the site under my personal work section.

New Portfolio Project

I have started a new portfolio project that I will be working on over the next few months that I am really exited about. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have been really trying to focus on what it is I love to shoot the most and what I feel like I’m best at.  I wanted to put together a project to showcase that in a cool way. The idea that I came up with is to photograph people doing what they love most. What gets people up in the morning, or what they like to do with a day off or for a career etc.  I am going to shoot a nice portrait shot and than pair it with a shot of them doing what they love. I just finished the first one and I will be putting it up with this post. I am planning on doing 20 of these over the next few months. This first one, that I just shot,  is of a snowboarder named Scott. He loves snowboarding, he rides nearly everyday and lives to ride. He was a perfect person to shoot for this. My hope with the project is to be able to shoot a variety of people. I have a person lined up who loves to cook another who loves to dance, another that is a big cyclist. I am still looking for a few more people if you or anyone you know is interested please email me.  Anyways here is the first installment of many more installments. Hopefully when its all done I will have a nice lifestyle/editorial book put together to show ad agencies etc. Thanks Scottie for doing this with me! Check it out, I would love productive feedback! Keep in mind they will be paired together side by side but for the blog they didn’t fit it was too wide, oh well here are the shots.