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Night Time Lapse Test

Last night I decided to test out shooting a night time lapse. I hiked up into the foothills above Salt Lake City and for about and hour and half did a time lapse test. It actually turned out pretty rad and I’m exited to go out again and do really nice long version of this over a few hours. It takes a long time to shoot at night because you can only get 1-2 shots in each min, so its kind of tedious.  Here is little teaser that I shot last night. I shot this with the a fixed 24mm on my D4 over an hour or so. There will be more to come! Stay tuned!

Lolo Fit

I was recently hired by a company called Lolofit to create some new branding and marketing images for them. They create great IPhone and IPad fitness apps. I was really exited about this shoot and am even happier with how things turned out. We shot these at a gym in Logan, Utah. It was a long day with 5 models and a pretty hefty shot list so we had to work fast. There wasn’t any good light in the gym so we had to create it using three strobes a couple of umbrellas and a soft box. I decided to go with a little more dramatic lighting setup because I felt like it suited the look and feel that the client liked and matched the subject matter nicely. The client was very happy and I got some great new images for my portfolio. Here are a few of my favorite shots along with a few behind scenes shots thanks to my assistant Cory Steffen.

Lolofit-18Lolofit-1 Lolofit-2 Lolofit-3 Lolofit-4 Lolofit-6 Lolofit-7 Lolofit-10 Lolofit-11 Lolofit-15 Lolofit-16 Lolofit-17 Lolofit-20 Lolofit-21Lolofit-23

Behind the Scenes Shots and Videos

©cjs_bflint_lolofitness_bts-85 ©cjs_bflint_lolofitness_bts-62 ©cjs_bflint_lolofitness_bts-53 ©cjs_bflint_lolofitness_bts-52 ©cjs_bflint_lolofitness_bts-29 ©cjs_bflint_lolofitness_bts-10



Tax Day……you gotta love it!

I decided today that I would try and do a little photojournalism to switch things up and try something new! It is April 15th which we all know is tax day! I had been hearing on the radio and the internet the last couple of weeks about people planning to throw Tea Parties all over the country in protest to the way they feel the government is using their money etc. Today I heard the radio that some people in Salt Lake were putting one together outside the federal building on State St. which is just a few blocks away from where I live so I decided to go check it out out and see if I could get some interesting photographs out of it, so that’s what I did! It was pretty interesting to shoot something like this. It’s cool to shoot an event where people are passionate enough to go stand out in the cold and snow just to be heard. I’ve never shot for newspapers or news magazines before and I have always really appreciated good photojournalism, so I thought I’d give it a shot and see what I could do! These are a few of the shots I took! The Salt Lake Tribune may be running a couple of them tomorrow morning so that would be cool, considering this is my first real attempt at shooting something like this. The weather was horrible, so It was kind of hard to get good shots because of all the umbrellas, including my own, and the rain/snow mix that was pouring down on everyone.  My camera was great for this stuff however! I shot with my Nikon D3 and my 24-70mm lens. All in all it was a pretty fun and interesting experience and I think I even made a few bucks doing it!

A walk in the Park

A couple of weeks ago I went for a nice stroll in the park with Karri when it was really foggy and cool outside. I love shooting at night when its foggy outside. I used to do it alot when I was in High School. I really love shoot late at night when there isn’t anyone around and its nice and peaceful. Even big cities sleep and there is something cool about capturing that. Fog doesn’t really happen alot here in Salt Lake, so when it does I like to take advantage and go out and see what I can get. It is also nice sometimes to just go out and shoot some photos for myself. I don’t have to worry about making a client happy or making sure I can use it for my portfolio. It is very refreshing to just go out with nothing in mind other than to capture what you find interesting as you meander around in the middle of the night. So these are a few shots I got from that night. On these I actually shot at f/16 or higher with exposures around I believe around 15-25 sec at 400 IS0 on a tripod of course. This was the first time I had tried shooting at night at higher f-stops and I really liked the results they are all really sharp and have a nice feel I think! Here you go!