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New work and projects

I’ve had some time lately to work on some personal projects and I wanted to share some of the shots. I shot all the running shots with a great hair/makeup artist Jodi Gleave. The fist images are new running shots and than I’ve also started a new series on sailing the great salt lake which has been coming along nicely and has been interesting.  Here are a few of my favorite new images from the last little while. There will be more to come! Stay tuned!



Sailing The Great Salt Lake


Utah Business Magazine-Best Companies to Work for

I recently finished up a feature for Utah Business Magazine about the best companies to work for in Utah. This was a fun assignment. I had to shoot 25 companies over a 2 week period with only an hour at each location and get 4-5 solid candid shots that illustrate why it is good place work or at least show what it is like to work there. Which is a challenge. Only one shot was going to run in the magazine but and the others used in a video presentation for each company at the awards luncheon. I also ended up shooting the cover which turned out nice. All it all it was successful. It was definitely a run and gun type job but considering the time and travel allowances. I think it turned out pretty good. Here are some of my favorites.

Dec.'11 Utah Business Magazine Cover



Avalanche Dog Training

Last Friday I went up to get a few shots of the avalanche dog training at Snowbird. It was a cool event that I thought would be good for my portfolio. I had the opportunity to get buried in a car and have the dogs try and find me. Pretty rad. This was a training course for 28 different avalanche rescue teams from all over the western United States. Here are a few of my favorite shots that I took. Thanks again Dean!

Studio Shots of Ryan Hamilton

Ryan was in town recently from New York doing a few shows in Utah and needed some new promo shots so we had him come into the studio.  We wanted to do something totally different than his other stuff so we went with some nice b&w shots on white. I really like them. I have always loved shots like this and thought that it would perfect to do with Ryan since he is so expressive. It was a fun shoot.