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Feature: Trail Running for Runners World Magazine April 2016

Trail Running for Runners World Magazine

I am so excited to have a two page spread in the latest issue of Runners World Magazine. It features a shot I took of my friend and avid trail runner David Dawson. We shot this originally for my portfolio awhile back, with the idea that a magazine or company would pick it up. It ended up being a great fit for Runners World and you can find it now in the April 2016 Issue. Here is how it came together.

I love capturing people in big epic locations so when you look at the image you think. “I want to be there” and you feel like you are experiencing the moment with the athlete.  That is what I set out do for this trail running shot. I called up my friend David and told him what I wanted to do and he was down. I then asked him where he likes to run, and we decided that up above Sundance Ski Resort would be an amazing spot. Luckily I knew someone that had access to a cabin up there and they got me access to this great location.

I liked this spot because it had lots of options.  When I had scouted out the location a few days before our shoot, I had intended to shoot going the other direction towards the mountains. That would have put a nice waterfall and Mt. Timpanogos in the background.  When we started shooting however, some clouds had rolled in blocking all of that, so I ended up having to go for option B. I was shooting on a six foot ladder. When I spun around shooting the opposite direction into the sun, I realized that was the shot. This was the final result.

There has to be a lot of things that come together to make a truly great image happen. You need a great location, great light, great talent, and sometimes a little bit of luck. All of that happened on this shoot and it was one of those experiences that gets you stoked to keep going, keep shooting, and keep creating.

Thanks to David Dawson(Runner), Blake Hansen (Assisting), Jordan McCormick(location), Tandem Stock (stock agency), and Runners World for getting it out there.

Night Hike Up Mt. Olympus

Wasatch Front at Night

Two nights ago I went on a little night hike adventure. I had been stuck in the studio all day editing and being a bit frustrated with work I was feeling like I had to get out into the mountains. I went home had some dinner, got the kids to bed, and at 8pm I left the house.

I had remembered this spot I wanted to shoot while on a hike up to Mt. Olympus last summer and decided to head for that. I figured it might be a cool shot at night. I had a water bottle, camera gear, a headlamp, my hiking boots and hit the trail. I had forgotten two things however. First how far up this spot was, and second how steep it was to get there. I was determined to get a shot so 2 hours later and after ‘3500 of elevation gain I arrived here at the saddle overlooking the Wasatch Mountains. I grabbed a few shots, and then without really resting, headed back down. I arrived back at the car around midnight feeling satisfied and exhausted.

Often we get caught up what others have or are doing, when what we really need to do is appreciate what we have and where we are. Grateful today for what I do have, where I live, and for what I’ve been blessed with in my life.

What I’ve Learned from Backpacking

In late Aug. I had the opportunity to go out backpacking with my friend Mike for a couple of nights in the backcountry of Teton National Park. It was a quick trip but we covered about 25 miles in those three days. We had some exiting weather of rain, hail, and even snow. I absolutely cherish my time in the Tetons. It is one of my favorite places to go. Here are a few of the shots and time lapse videos I got while up there. I wasn’t totally blown away by what I got or anything but the experience was pretty epic and in the end that is what is most important.

One of the reasons I love backpacking is that it teaches you great life lessons like hard work, sacrifice, planning, preparation, friendship and endurance. It also helps you stay grounded and appreciate the beautiful earth we live on. It is a great way to recharge and take a break from the normal day to day grind. It helps you build character and I’m grateful to my parents for taking me when I was young. As I was up in the Tetons this last trip I realized I’ve learned a lot from backpacking and it inspires me to create great photographs.

Thanks to my buddy Mike for being a good sport. This was only his second or so backpacking trip and he killed it!


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New Printed Promo

Last month I decided to have Wonderful Machine help me create a new printed promo piece that I could use as a leave behind after a portfolio review and that I could mail out to potential clients. I’ve done a few leave behinds on my own and felt like they were missing the mark and not making the impact that I wanted. That is why I reached out to Amanda at WM. I needed someone that designs and looks at tons of promotional pieces for photographers all across the country. I wanted a card that was big enough to show the the work but not obnoxious. I also wanted it to have a strong and unique design sense that showcased the work well but didn’t detract from the my work. It was also great to have Sean, Wonderful Machine’s photos editor, hand pick the photos for the promo. As the creator of the work it often times really hard to be a good judge of what images are the strongest and illustrate your brand well. His feedback was very helpful. In the end we ended up going with a 6×8.5 folding card that opened up to to 6×17 with a great triangle inspired design. I’m very happy with my new promo piece and am exited to hand it out to people that I’d love to do some work for. Thanks to Amanda and Sean and WM and to Rikki at Modern Postcard that did a great job of printing the cards for me!  BKF_9685 BKF_9688 BKF_9690 BKF_9692