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Active Families Needed!!

Want to get paid to have professional pictures of your family taken outdoors?

I just got an assignment to produce a series of family-centered recreational activities shot in Utah. I need active families to photograph for this assignment. They following criteria must be met for the current assignments (more assignments coming so let any families know):


  • Kids ranging from ages 5-15ish
  • Camping at Bear Lake over one night


  • Any Lake in Utah
  • Must already have a boat
  • Kids ranging from ages 5-15ish

All participants must be able to sign a model release or have a parent sign for them. I will cover all travel expenses and will pay each family $200 along with copies of the photos. I also have about 6 other family-centered shoots coming up over the next two months so I need lots of families. If you are a family or know of a family looking for an all-expense paid adventure please fill out the form below or feel free to email me at brandon@brandonflint.com or call 801-875-8620.

Deadline is Monday Aug. 29th

Active Families-Grandma and kids in a Hammock

Active Families Needed

Silver Creek Outfitters-SelectHeath Ad Campaign

Last fall I had the opportunity to do a fun shoot for local healthcare company called SelectHealth. They have a really cool client called Silver Creek Outfitters based in Sun Valley Idaho that is world renowned for its fly fishing services and location. They wanted me to shoot a little editorial style portrait of the business including some actual fly fishing to use in some adverting as a testimonial piece about the quality SelectHealth. The shoot went really well and I wanted to share some of my favorite images. It was a little tricky because I had to shoot stills along side a film crew for a commercial spot. You have to kind of dance around them and still get the shots you need to get for the client, which is always a challenge. The weather was a brisk 20 degrees and I had to throw on some waders to get the shots but it was worth it. Good times!

SilverCreek-1 SilverCreek-2 SilverCreek-3 SilverCreek-4 SilverCreek-5 SilverCreek-6 SilverCreek-7 SilverCreek-8 SilverCreek-9 SilverCreek-10 SilverCreek-11 SilverCreek-12 SilverCreek-13 SilverCreek-14 SilverCreek-15 SilverCreek-16 SilverCreek-17 SilverCreek-18 SilverCreek-19 SilverCreek-21 SilverCreek-22 SilverCreek-23 SilverCreek-24Behind the scenes thanks to Cory Stephen