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New Printed Promo

Last month I decided to have Wonderful Machine help me create a new printed promo piece that I could use as a leave behind after a portfolio review and that I could mail out to potential clients. I’ve done a few leave behinds on my own and felt like they were missing the mark and not making the impact that I wanted. That is why I reached out to Amanda at WM. I needed someone that designs and looks at tons of promotional pieces for photographers all across the country. I wanted a card that was big enough to show the the work but not obnoxious. I also wanted it to have a strong and unique design sense that showcased the work well but didn’t detract from the my work. It was also great to have Sean, Wonderful Machine’s photos editor, hand pick the photos for the promo. As the creator of the work it often times really hard to be a good judge of what images are the strongest and illustrate your brand well. His feedback was very helpful. In the end we ended up going with a 6×8.5 folding card that opened up to to 6×17 with a great triangle inspired design. I’m very happy with my new promo piece and am exited to hand it out to people that I’d love to do some work for. Thanks to Amanda and Sean and WM and to Rikki at Modern Postcard that did a great job of printing the cards for me!  BKF_9685 BKF_9688 BKF_9690 BKF_9692

Now part of Wonderful Machine

I was recently accepted by the photographer marketing firm wonderful machine. I’m exited about working with them to help promote myself to new national clients and taking my work to a new level. I’ve already used them for some consulting and I think it is going to help me be found by some great magazines and companies. Check them out and you can find me listed under the Salt Lake City directory.