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New Editorial Portrait: Virtuoso Life Magazine

I was recently hired to shoot an editorial portrait for Virtuoso Life Magazine, a national high end travel publication. My assignment was pretty simple. Get a great image of Cimbria Temkin and her favorite travel bag at her house. It was a great shoot. Here is a tearsheet from the magazine along with a few other images I liked. Thanks to Cory Stephen for assisting and the creative team at Virtuoso for the opportunity.

Virtuoso Life Portrait TearsheetVirtuoso Life Magazine Portrait Virtuoso Life Magazine Portrait

Attempt #1 at Snow Sailing

This last Saturday I was invited out to go sailing to continue my work on my Sailing the Great Salt Lake Project that I started over the summer. Which I was exited about because it was really foggy that day.  I’ve been wanting to get some cool winter sailing images since the Great Salt Lake is the only lake I know of that you can sail on in freezing temperatures. I got out there but the we had a problem with a fuel line which made it impossible to get out of the marina. So bummed. I will have to try again soon. Hopefully we will have better luck next time. I did get a nice shot of Lance as he was taking a short break from shoveling out his boat in preparation for departure. LanceInMarinaSnow-1