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New work and projects

I’ve had some time lately to work on some personal projects and I wanted to share some of the shots. I shot all the running shots with a great hair/makeup artist Jodi Gleave. The fist images are new running shots and than I’ve also started a new series on sailing the great salt lake which has been coming along nicely and has been interesting.  Here are a few of my favorite new images from the last little while. There will be more to come! Stay tuned!



Sailing The Great Salt Lake


Santa Fe Workshop

Last month I had the opportunity to attend a great workshop at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in Santa Fe. The reason I took the workshop is because I loved the photography of the person who was instructing it. The workshop was the “Editorial Portrait” and the instructor was one of my favorite photographers Jeff Lipsky. I love the way he uses light and how natural and just plain amazing his images look. I’ve always looked at his work for inspiration and guidance for my own style. I was really exited to get down there and shoot some photos with him. The workshop was four days long and we shot at two different locations during the workshop with class time in the mornings to get feedback and do critiques of each others work. There were about 14 people total in the workshop from all over the country. It is so fun to get down there and meet new people, learn new tricks and make some good images. It was so great for me to see someone as successful as Jeff with the same approach to lighting as me namely simple uncomplicated light when necessary and preferring natural light. It was also good for me to see how he plans his shoots and the crew of people that he uses to make the shoot happen. I hope to be as successful as Jeff is one day and taking this workshop really helped me feel like getting to the next level was closer to me now than ever before. I would invite you to check out his site and his work. During the entire workshop he was really approachable and friendly about anything you wanted to ask him, which made me respect him even more. In an age when so many big photographers have huge egos and anrn’t very approachable it was sure nice to meet someone like Jeff which was completely opposite.  After taking this workshop and talking to Jeff I think there are a few things that has helped him to become as successful as he is and that can help all of us photographers become more successful. First, he is a really cool and genuine person. This really helps when you photograph people for a living because lets face it everyone from the person you are photographing to the client to the crew you work with are all affected by working with some that is personable and fun. Second, he plans everything out before he shoots to make sure he will get the shot. He knows the location, where the light(sun) is going to be at what time etc. We can all learn from this. Third, he is great as seeing light and how to shape it in a flattering way for his subjects. He uses the same lights and modifiers on all his shoots so he knows what to expect. It is important to be confident in what and how you are going to light things when you need to. Lastly he works really hard and knows his style. Everyone that has done this for even a little while knows that great photos don’t just accidentally happen they are created and it takes a ton of work to get things dialed. You have to know who you are as a photographer and maintain that style.  All in all it was a great experience. Even the unexpected 12 hour drive home with fellow photographer Derek Isrealsen because both of our flights got cancelled out of Albuquerque due to a crazy wind storm was fun. Here are a few of the shots I got while down there!

Jeff Lipsky Portrait as requested by Jeff haha! Probably my favorite!

Workers Compensation Fund of Utah Annual Report/Billboards

I shot images for Workers Compensation Fund of Utah again this year. This year we shot the annual report and this upcoming years billboards that you will see across the wasatch front. I have attached the images that were used in the annual report. The billboard images will be coming shortly once they are up! I always love shooting for WCF they are so good to work with. It is always good to shoot for a client that respects and values your work and what you do for them. That is how I feel when I shoot for them. This time around we shot all kids which was an adventure for sure but was fun. We had some good locations and good people to shoot. We shot at 5 locations in one day so which only gave us about an hour at each location. We had to really work fast to get the shot and get to the next location. All in all it was a great shoot! Here are the images.

Utah Business Healthcare Hero’s ’11

Last month I spent about a week shooting this years Healthcare Hero’s article for Utah Business Magazine. I was really happy with how these shots turned out.

I shot most of these, not all of them, with the new Pocketwizard TT1 and TT5 wireless transmitters with a couple of SB800 speedlights. I have really been liking what I’ve been getting with these transmitters. Not only can I shoot at higher sync speeds like 800/sec or 1000/sec but they don’t have to be line of sight which is so nice. In this series of images I wanted to shoot with a window and/or natural light in the background (when possible)  and at really wide open f-stop like 2, but not let the background blowout and with the new Pocketwizards I can do both. I can also use them at the same time with my Profoto D1 Air kit that I have. This came in really handy for when we shot the cover which we shot on location at a local hospital. I needed an extra light to soften a shadow on the background, so I used both of my D1 Air lights and one of my SB800’s to light the cover. The pocketwizards have really opened up some new ways of shooting for me and I really love them.

I was really grateful for the opportunity to shoot this for Utah Business Magazine. They have been a great client of mine for the last 4 and half years and this is one the fun projects I get to shoot for them every year. It is great because it is a challenge to get a good shot of these individuals and there is quite a few people to photograph. Often time I only have a few min. to get the shot and the locations are often a far from ideal, plus I need them to look similar for the article. I get to meet some great individuals and it a real pleasure to shoot. Here are the shots I would love to get some feedback if you feel so inclined. Thanks for checking out my blog and for your support. Thanks to all the individuals I photographed that are doing great things in our healthcare system. Have a great day!