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Feature: Trail Running for Runners World Magazine April 2016

Trail Running for Runners World Magazine

I am so excited to have a two page spread in the latest issue of Runners World Magazine. It features a shot I took of my friend and avid trail runner David Dawson. We shot this originally for my portfolio awhile back, with the idea that a magazine or company would pick it up. It ended up being a great fit for Runners World and you can find it now in the April 2016 Issue. Here is how it came together.

I love capturing people in big epic locations so when you look at the image you think. “I want to be there” and you feel like you are experiencing the moment with the athlete.  That is what I set out do for this trail running shot. I called up my friend David and told him what I wanted to do and he was down. I then asked him where he likes to run, and we decided that up above Sundance Ski Resort would be an amazing spot. Luckily I knew someone that had access to a cabin up there and they got me access to this great location.

I liked this spot because it had lots of options.  When I had scouted out the location a few days before our shoot, I had intended to shoot going the other direction towards the mountains. That would have put a nice waterfall and Mt. Timpanogos in the background.  When we started shooting however, some clouds had rolled in blocking all of that, so I ended up having to go for option B. I was shooting on a six foot ladder. When I spun around shooting the opposite direction into the sun, I realized that was the shot. This was the final result.

There has to be a lot of things that come together to make a truly great image happen. You need a great location, great light, great talent, and sometimes a little bit of luck. All of that happened on this shoot and it was one of those experiences that gets you stoked to keep going, keep shooting, and keep creating.

Thanks to David Dawson(Runner), Blake Hansen (Assisting), Jordan McCormick(location), Tandem Stock (stock agency), and Runners World for getting it out there.

Adweek Editorial Portrait

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to shoot an editorial portrait of Struck Creative, an agency here in Salt Lake for Adweek Magazine. I was really excited about shooting this. The assignment was to create a nice portrait of the Executive Creative Director Steve Driggs and their CEO Daniel Conner on location at their office. I was asked to capture something that illustrated their personalities a bit and was interesting to look at.

A few days before the shoot I went and scouted out the location. As I brainstormed with one their creatives Dane Rahlf we came up with concept of using a whole bunch of sticky notes as a background. I was pretty excited. Then the day of the shoot came and I showed up with my assistant to start setting up. I was then informed that we needed to add a third person into the shot. I was worried about doing that because I think the more people you add the harder it gets to capture a really solid image. We also had to shoot with a square crop, but we had to make it work.  We got set up, but I wasn’t loving it with only the sticky notes, the image needed something else. Then I noticed this red couch and decided to add that.  I think it added a nice pop of color and weight to the image. Thanks to Adweek for the opportunity to shoot this, Dan, and everyone at Stuck. I have to say it was quit intimidating to photograph such a creative group but they were really nice to work with and in the end we got a good shot.
Adweek Portrait-Struck

Outside Magazine and Hyundai Spread

In January I was commissioned by Outside Magazine to shoot for a couple of days in Park City, Utah. The shoot was for an advertorial that they were producing in conjunction with Hyundai cars showcasing the new Santa Fe SUV. The idea was to get a family from LA to come out to Utah put them up in a nice hotel at the Canyons Resort, give them a new Santa Fe to drive around, shoot them doing a bunch of fun activities and call it the Epic Adventure. It just so happened that it was one of the coldest and snowiest weekends of the year. I think the high temperature on Friday was a balmy -2 degrees and on Sunday when we were snowboarding and zip lining it was -10. Luckily, the snow stayed in the Salt Lake Valley for the most part and we had some nice light to work with over the weekend. The most challenging to shoot was the zip line shot. I had to shoot it while controlling my own zip line but it was pretty rad being 250 feet in the air. It was a fun shoot. I was so exited to shoot this. I’ve been trying to shoot for Outside Magazine for a long time and it was great to finally get the call. I’ve attached the the spread that is running now in the March issue of Outside. There were lots of good images that weren’t used in the magazine that I included also. Thanks to Jen and Sara at Outside for the opportunity to work together.

Outside Magazine Spread

#1 Cover by Utah Society of Professional Journalism

The cover I shot for Utah Business Magazine April 2011 was just recognized by the Utah Society of Professional Journalists as last years #1 Best Cover in the state! How cool is that! Spencer Henderson Art Director at Utah Business Magazine did the layout for the cover.  We shot this at my studio. This is one of my favorite covers I’ve ever shot. Check it out!