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Recently Published: American Way, The Whiskey Advocate and GX Magazine

Here are a few recently published shoots that I did for American Way Magazine, The Whiskey Advocate and GX Magazine They were great shoots. Check it out!

American Way Magazine for American Airlines

American Way Magazine AlexM-28-Edit AlexM-265-Edit AlexM-267The Whiskey Advocate Magazine

WhiskeyA1 WhiskeyA2 WiskeyA3 HighWest-555-EditGX Magazine of the National Guard

GXMAg_MyCivilianLifeRodney-67 Rodney-117-Edit

Health Care Hero’s ’12

Every year I shoot a nice portrait feature for Utah Business Magazine called Healthcare Hero’s. It features healthcare individuals and companies that are doing great things here in Utah. This is I think the 5th year I have shot this for them. It is always fun and challenging because you have to get a nice portrait of someone in about 20 min. Which means you have to show up find a cool spot, set up, shoot and get something nice in that time. It really teaches you to trust your gut and work fast. Here are a few samples of what I got for the feature.This ran in the Oct. ’12 issue if you want to check it out in print. I shot all of these with my Nikon D4 and My Nikon 50mm f1.4



Utah Business Healthcare Hero’s ’11

Last month I spent about a week shooting this years Healthcare Hero’s article for Utah Business Magazine. I was really happy with how these shots turned out.

I shot most of these, not all of them, with the new Pocketwizard TT1 and TT5 wireless transmitters with a couple of SB800 speedlights. I have really been liking what I’ve been getting with these transmitters. Not only can I shoot at higher sync speeds like 800/sec or 1000/sec but they don’t have to be line of sight which is so nice. In this series of images I wanted to shoot with a window and/or natural light in the background (when possible)  and at really wide open f-stop like 2, but not let the background blowout and with the new Pocketwizards I can do both. I can also use them at the same time with my Profoto D1 Air kit that I have. This came in really handy for when we shot the cover which we shot on location at a local hospital. I needed an extra light to soften a shadow on the background, so I used both of my D1 Air lights and one of my SB800’s to light the cover. The pocketwizards have really opened up some new ways of shooting for me and I really love them.

I was really grateful for the opportunity to shoot this for Utah Business Magazine. They have been a great client of mine for the last 4 and half years and this is one the fun projects I get to shoot for them every year. It is great because it is a challenge to get a good shot of these individuals and there is quite a few people to photograph. Often time I only have a few min. to get the shot and the locations are often a far from ideal, plus I need them to look similar for the article. I get to meet some great individuals and it a real pleasure to shoot. Here are the shots I would love to get some feedback if you feel so inclined. Thanks for checking out my blog and for your support. Thanks to all the individuals I photographed that are doing great things in our healthcare system. Have a great day!



Utah Business Cover

I just recently shot the cover for Utah Business that is out now for April. I was so stoked to do another cover for Utah Business. It had been a while since I’ve shot a cover for them and was exited to do another one. I am really happy with how this turned out. I think its simple but nice. Art direction and design was done by Spencer Henderson at Utah Business. We shot this in my studio. Here it is.