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Lolo Fit

I was recently hired by a company called Lolofit to create some new branding and marketing images for them. They create great IPhone and IPad fitness apps. I was really exited about this shoot and am even happier with how things turned out. We shot these at a gym in Logan, Utah. It was a long day with 5 models and a pretty hefty shot list so we had to work fast. There wasn’t any good light in the gym so we had to create it using three strobes a couple of umbrellas and a soft box. I decided to go with a little more dramatic lighting setup because I felt like it suited the look and feel that the client liked and matched the subject matter nicely. The client was very happy and I got some great new images for my portfolio. Here are a few of my favorite shots along with a few behind scenes shots thanks to my assistant Cory Steffen.

Lolofit-18Lolofit-1 Lolofit-2 Lolofit-3 Lolofit-4 Lolofit-6 Lolofit-7 Lolofit-10 Lolofit-11 Lolofit-15 Lolofit-16 Lolofit-17 Lolofit-20 Lolofit-21Lolofit-23

Behind the Scenes Shots and Videos

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Avalanche Dog Training

Last Friday I went up to get a few shots of the avalanche dog training at Snowbird. It was a cool event that I thought would be good for my portfolio. I had the opportunity to get buried in a car and have the dogs try and find me. Pretty rad. This was a training course for 28 different avalanche rescue teams from all over the western United States. Here are a few of my favorite shots that I took. Thanks again Dean!

Workers Compensation Fund of Utah

I just finished up shooting some photos for Workers compensation fund of Utah’s Annual Report. The photos turned out really great and they were really nice to work with. The were pretty open to a lot of my suggestions and gave me a pretty open book to work with. They obviously had locations and the sign thing is there signature kind of plan right now. As far as where we shot inside the locations etc. they kind of let me do what ever I thought would be best. All of these were shot here in the Salt Lake Valley. Since most of you won’t be receiving the annual report in the mail, ha ha ha, I thought I better share some of the shots. They wanted something with some grit and was still corporate friendly, this is what I came up with.  Thanks to Rachel and Ashlee for their help with everything!

Funny Business

I just finished up a little promotional shot for my friend and comedian Ryan Hamilton. He lives in New York and has been touring all over the country. He is a great comedian! I first saw him a few years ago at Wise Guys comedy club in West Valley. I than met him when I was interning in New York a few years back. He is super animated and so funny, and another thing that is really great about his comedy is that it is super clean. I have a lot of respect for what he is doing and wish him the best! Keep up the good work Ryan! He was in Salt Lake a little bit ago so we got together and started thinking of some cool ideas, we decided to go out to the salt flats and do this shot of him with a typewriter in a bath robe out in the middle of now where. I really like how it turned out and had a really good time working with Him, he is really great to work with. Here is the shot we ended up with. I think we are going to keep doing other shots in the future, so keep checking back to see what else we come up with! I shot this with a Nikon D3, 24-70mm lens at 2.8 using natural light and a reflection board.