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Intern’s and Shoot Preparation

This last week I brought on a new intern. His name is Bryan and I think he is going to be really solid. He is a graduate from Weber State and seems to be really knowledgeable and exited to learn. I think he will be a good asset to the team. We’ll have to grab a photo of him next week and get him on here. We had a solid day of orientation on Wed. so this next week he should be rockin.

I was able to get a good chunk of post production done and some images delivered to clients for SelectHealth and Browning. Feedback was good and they seemed to be really happy with the final shots. That is the part of my job I enjoy most. It takes a lot of work to put together and execute shoots well so when you finally get them delivered and the client is happy it is very satisfying.

Next week we have shoots with Utah Business Magazine and Good Housekeeping Magazine coming up. They should both be good shoots. I spent most of yesterday prepping for GH and getting people and locations ready. I’ve decided to, when possible, start implementing more medium format digital work on specific editorial portrait assignments. It think it is going to be great to help push the quality of my work. It isn’t always the right choice but for a solid portrait I don’t think you can go wrong. Just waiting on a few details for the Utah Business Mag shoot and I think we will be ready to go.

Lastly, I had a frustrating experience with bidding on a job this week. I was asked to to put together an estimate for a few corporate portraits and a shot that was going to used in an ad for a national business publication. It was a local company so it’s always hard to feel out what local Utah clients are expecting on price. I put it together based on the info I was given and sent it over explaining that because they wanted to use it in national magazine ad it was going to be a bit more expensive. It felt like it was a very competitive bid. They wrote back saying that they didn’t feel like the fact that it was going to be used in a national ad warranted an increase in the rate and that they were going to find another photographer that we cheaper. Classic right? Haha!

I wrote back and said that I do my best to price things out a fair price that reflects the quality of the work they will be getting and that part of professional photography pricing is based on how an image is going to used, but ultimately I didn’t get the job. It’s easy to start second guessing yourself in these types of situations but I’ve learned that if all a client is looking for a cheap photographer than your better off not getting that job and working with people that value what you do and what you do for them. You can’t fake quality but at the same time you also can’t make people see that quality and investment. Sometimes potential clients, despite your explanations and all your efforts,  just don’t see the value of your work and they don’t want to spend what it takes to get great shots. I understand that price is always a consideration for clients but if they are just looking for “a photographer” or don’t see the value you bring to the table, you probably don’t want that job. I like to work with people that see my work, like my work, see the quality and want to work with me not just “a photographer”. When they are exited, I get exited to work with them and am willing to do what I can to make it happen.

Being a freelance photographer you get some jobs and you don’t get some jobs and that is just how it goings. A friend told me one if you are getting all the jobs you bid on, your not charging enough! I think that is true. I think you just have to learn what you can from these experiences and keep going, never give up and be be faithful that you will get the work.

A parting shot from a recent portfolio shoot. Model: Chris York