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New York and New IMac’s…..Finally

I just got back from a great trip to New York City for a portfolio review NYC Fotoworks, some meetings and Photo Expo Plus. It was good trip. I had editorial meetings with ESPN, Self, Forbes, Men’s Journal, Budget Travel, and Inked Magazines. I felt the review was good and think the meetings went well. It’s the first time I’ve ever done a review like that. I still think setting up a meeting on you own is best but photo editors just don’t have much time anymore to meet with photographers like they used to so this is a good way to ensure you get some good face time with them. Photo Expo plus was cool, got to see and play with all the new photo gear and saw a good presentation by Cory Rich that great about the new Nikon D600. I love going back to New York and visiting. It always give me time to reflect on my career and the time I spent there 6 years ago as an intern. I always feel exited about shooting when I get back. I got back last Friday right before the huge storm hit on Sunday. My heart goes out to those that lost loved ones and their homes because of the storm. I can’t believe the destruction. I was hanging out in Manhattan and Brooklyn and to see the images of the what happened is just crazy. Its funny because nobody was really talking about the storm when I left. I don’t think people realized how bad it was going to be. I actually got this great shot from the Brooklyn Bridge Park just a few days before the storm hit. Here is panoramic photo I shot of downtown Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. Turned out pretty sweet. It was raining at the time I shot this and it was late I think around midnight. I only had a little tiny portable umbrella so it was a little tough to work with but at least I had something to cover the camera with. Put this pano together from 9 shots on a tripod and my D4 with a Nikon 24-70mm 2.8 lens at about 35mm. Check it out!

Lastly I just want to mention that Apple finally announced the new IMac’s. I will say I’m pretty impressed they look super clean and even more dynamic. Very exited the they address the screen glare issue and added USB 3.0 along with the thunderbolt ports. I wish they were more specific about when they will be available. I’m definitely going to be picking up one of the 27″ versions once they are available.

What A funny mix of stuff

First of all I just want to say how happy I am that it is finally starting to warm up a bit! Its official, I’m sick of the cold! I really love spring! I did take a day off last week and went snowboarding up at Powder Mountain and had an amazing day of riding! I didn’t shoot any photos of it, some days you just have to leave the camera at home. It’s been busy, between working and planning my own wedding it was a much needed little break!  However, now that I’ve had one last day of good snowboarding I am more than happy to see things warming up!  As far as work goes, things have been really good this last month and I have some new stuff to show you all! It really is a kind of random mix of stuff but here you go!

This first shot, is an editorial still life shot I did for the April cover of Utah Business Magazine which is out now! I don’t normally shoot still life stuff or objects, so it was a fun new little project for me to tackle. It took me a little time to figure out how to light it right, but I think it turned out nice. It’s a funny change to shoot something that isn’t alive and made out of glass when your used to photographing people! You have to really watch what is happening with the light. I shot this in my studio, with a single light, a blue seamless backdrop and some black fill cards, oh and a sheet of plexy glass, for a nice reflection!

I have a few other projects that I am going to put up from last month that will be fun to show, but to keep things from becoming way to random on a single post I’ll put them on the next one!!! I hope you are all doing well and I really appreciate you checking out my blog! Feel free to leave comments or email me!

A walk in the Park

A couple of weeks ago I went for a nice stroll in the park with Karri when it was really foggy and cool outside. I love shooting at night when its foggy outside. I used to do it alot when I was in High School. I really love shoot late at night when there isn’t anyone around and its nice and peaceful. Even big cities sleep and there is something cool about capturing that. Fog doesn’t really happen alot here in Salt Lake, so when it does I like to take advantage and go out and see what I can get. It is also nice sometimes to just go out and shoot some photos for myself. I don’t have to worry about making a client happy or making sure I can use it for my portfolio. It is very refreshing to just go out with nothing in mind other than to capture what you find interesting as you meander around in the middle of the night. So these are a few shots I got from that night. On these I actually shot at f/16 or higher with exposures around I believe around 15-25 sec at 400 IS0 on a tripod of course. This was the first time I had tried shooting at night at higher f-stops and I really liked the results they are all really sharp and have a nice feel I think! Here you go!

Finally back on track!!

Hi all! Its been a crazy last couple of months! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and that you are all doing well! I was having some issues with the blog but thanks to Tim Davis and the web antics of Gordon Peterson we are back up and things are working better than ever! Thanks guys!

Also, along with getting engaged and planning my own wedding now, I moved into a new apt. at the beginning of the month! I decided to move back to downtown Salt Lake from South Salt Lake, which is way good, so I am exited about that!

These next few are a couple of sisters that I shot a couple of weeks ago!

This next shot is my buddy Jack’s girlfriend! Best of luck Melissa!!!

These next few are of little Sidney and baby Lucy out in Ohio! So dang cute!!!!

Finally a few shots of my girlfriend, my dad, and my sister all doing a little snowshoe action!

This is my Pa and our dog Tex!

My Sweet Karri!

My sis!!!