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Workers Compensation Fund of Utah Annual Report/Billboards

I shot images for Workers Compensation Fund of Utah again this year. This year we shot the annual report and this upcoming years billboards that you will see across the wasatch front. I have attached the images that were used in the annual report. The billboard images will be coming shortly once they are up! I always love shooting for WCF they are so good to work with. It is always good to shoot for a client that respects and values your work and what you do for them. That is how I feel when I shoot for them. This time around we shot all kids which was an adventure for sure but was fun. We had some good locations and good people to shoot. We shot at 5 locations in one day so which only gave us about an hour at each location. We had to really work fast to get the shot and get to the next location. All in all it was a great shoot! Here are the images.

Utah Hotel and Lodging Association Photography Presentation

I was recently asked to do a presentation here in Salt Lake City for the annual Utah Hotel and Lodging Association Convention. They asked me to present on professional photography and upcoming trends in hospitality advertising photography. In the presentation I discussed the basics of good photography such as light, composition, etc and than focused on how to incorporate a human element into the images.  I wanted to focus the presentation on the human element in order to show the experience of staying at the hotel and not the facilities of the properties themselves which in my research is what the majority of all properties focus on. My point was that focusing on the facilities does nothing to illustrate the joys of staying there where by just adding a few people in the images all the sudden people can see themselves having a good time there also and helps them want to stay there. In order to illustrate what I was talking about I went out and shot a couple of properties with people in the shots to show in the presentation. These are a few of the images I photographed for the presentation that I liked. The first three images were shot at the St. Regis in Deer Valley, UT and the other set of images with the family were shot at the Weston Inn Best Western in Logan, UT. They are two very different types of properties that have very different types of clients and I wanted to show how the principles I discussed in the presentation could be applied to both and any property for that matter. I wanted to share the images here. Thanks to Michael Johnson, The UHLA, the Weston Inn, the St. Regis, the Winborg Family, Rachel Lewis and Lance Anderson for all your help in putting this together.

The St. Regis-Deer Valley, UT


The Weston Inn Best Western-Logan, Utah

Pinnacle Security

I was recently hired to shoot images for Pinnacle Security. They wanted to get some really tight head shots of their top salesman from the last year and then process them pretty gritty and raw that they could use for some advertising. The marketing director showed me some samples that a celebrity photographer Martin Schoeller had done they he liked and wanted to do something similar, but shot tighter and slightly different. We ended up shooting them all on white and in color to make them really consistent. It was interesting to me to photograph a number of different people in a similar way and be able to see how different each shot looks because of each persons individual looks. It was fun project and allowed me to use some nice features in Lightroom and Photoshop CS5 in order to get the look the client was looking for. We ended up shooting like 35 people but I will just include a few a my favorites here.