Outside Magazine and Hyundai Spread

In January I was commissioned by Outside Magazine to shoot for a couple of days in Park City, Utah. The shoot was for an advertorial that they were producing in conjunction with Hyundai cars showcasing the new Santa Fe SUV. The idea was to get a family from LA to come out to Utah put them up in a nice hotel at the Canyons Resort, give them a new Santa Fe to drive around, shoot them doing a bunch of fun activities and call it the Epic Adventure. It just so happened that it was one of the coldest and snowiest weekends of the year. I think the high temperature on Friday was a balmy -2 degrees and on Sunday when we were snowboarding and zip lining it was -10. Luckily, the snow stayed in the Salt Lake Valley for the most part and we had some nice light to work with over the weekend. The most challenging to shoot was the zip line shot. I had to shoot it while controlling my own zip line but it was pretty rad being 250 feet in the air. It was a fun shoot. I was so exited to shoot this. I’ve been trying to shoot for Outside Magazine for a long time and it was great to finally get the call. I’ve attached the the spread that is running now in the March issue of Outside. There were lots of good images that weren’t used in the magazine that I included also. Thanks to Jen and Sara at Outside for the opportunity to work together.

Outside Magazine Spread

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