Lake Blanche-Editorial Portraits-Preping

The last few weeks have been busy. Summer is always the busiest time of year for me and I love it. Work is going well, the weather is always great, BBQ’s, camping and hiking. It’s why I love living in Utah.

On a personal note, I’ve been moving my family into a new house and it was kind of stressful. We had to move out of our old house at the end of last month and couldn’t get into our new house until last week. That said, we got moved in last week and its nice to be settling in.

During my house hiatus, my wife and kids went out of town so I went to the mountains. I hiked up to Lake Blanche in Big Cottonwood Canyon to get some new shots and spend the night. I was hoping to get some cool night shots of the lake and try and shoot a cool night lapse of the stars but when I got up there the moon was half out and blew out the sky to much to get good shots of the stars. I did get a couple of cool shots. Here is a couple of my favorites.

Lake Blanche at Night 2014 Lake Blanche at Night 2014Since I couldn’t get the stars very well and there weren’t any clouds I decided it would have been a pretty boring time lapse shot so I didn’t do one at night. I did try one in the morning with the sun coming up but too wasn’t very cool. That’s how you figure out what works and what doesn’t however. Night shots turned out nice though so it was fun.

The last few weeks I had a couple of cool editorial jobs come through. I did a shoot for Good Housekeeping Magazine and another job for AARP Mag. I ended up shooting both of them with the latest Hasselblad camera with a 40mp back. Whenever possible I’ve tried to incorporate some nice medium format work into my clients/portfolio. It has been fun. I had issues with it the first go around shooting tethered with the camera. We were getting lots of errors but the rental house updated everything and we changed a few settings so for the AARP shoot everything was smooth. As soon as the photos run I will post them here. Needless to say the detail you can get out the Hasselblad is pretty amazing.

Last week we shot a new Ad campaign for SelectHeatlh which went well and we are doing pre production on a new fitness and lifestyle shoot for another client for the first part of July. It will be three days of shooting and should be a great shoot.

That’s the update for now. Thanks for following, now get outside and do something fun!

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