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New York and New IMac’s…..Finally

I just got back from a great trip to New York City for a portfolio review NYC Fotoworks, some meetings and Photo Expo Plus. It was good trip. I had editorial meetings with ESPN, Self, Forbes, Men’s Journal, Budget Travel, and Inked Magazines. I felt the review was good and think the meetings went well. It’s the first time I’ve ever done a review like that. I still think setting up a meeting on you own is best but photo editors just don’t have much time anymore to meet with photographers like they used to so this is a good way to ensure you get some good face time with them. Photo Expo plus was cool, got to see and play with all the new photo gear and saw a good presentation by Cory Rich that great about the new Nikon D600. I love going back to New York and visiting. It always give me time to reflect on my career and the time I spent there 6 years ago as an intern. I always feel exited about shooting when I get back. I got back last Friday right before the huge storm hit on Sunday. My heart goes out to those that lost loved ones and their homes because of the storm. I can’t believe the destruction. I was hanging out in Manhattan and Brooklyn and to see the images of the what happened is just crazy. Its funny because nobody was really talking about the storm when I left. I don’t think people realized how bad it was going to be. I actually got this great shot from the Brooklyn Bridge Park just a few days before the storm hit. Here is panoramic photo I shot of downtown Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. Turned out pretty sweet. It was raining at the time I shot this and it was late I think around midnight. I only had a little tiny portable umbrella so it was a little tough to work with but at least I had something to cover the camera with. Put this pano together from 9 shots on a tripod and my D4 with a Nikon 24-70mm 2.8 lens at about 35mm. Check it out!

Lastly I just want to mention that Apple finally announced the new IMac’s. I will say I’m pretty impressed they look super clean and even more dynamic. Very exited the they address the screen glare issue and added USB 3.0 along with the thunderbolt ports. I wish they were more specific about when they will be available. I’m definitely going to be picking up one of the 27″ versions once they are available.

Now part of Wonderful Machine

I was recently accepted by the photographer marketing firm wonderful machine. I’m exited about working with them to help promote myself to new national clients and taking my work to a new level. I’ve already used them for some consulting and I think it is going to help me be found by some great magazines and companies. Check them out and you can find me listed under the Salt Lake City directory.

Santa Fe Workshop

Last month I had the opportunity to attend a great workshop at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in Santa Fe. The reason I took the workshop is because I loved the photography of the person who was instructing it. The workshop was the “Editorial Portrait” and the instructor was one of my favorite photographers Jeff Lipsky. I love the way he uses light and how natural and just plain amazing his images look. I’ve always looked at his work for inspiration and guidance for my own style. I was really exited to get down there and shoot some photos with him. The workshop was four days long and we shot at two different locations during the workshop with class time in the mornings to get feedback and do critiques of each others work. There were about 14 people total in the workshop from all over the country. It is so fun to get down there and meet new people, learn new tricks and make some good images. It was so great for me to see someone as successful as Jeff with the same approach to lighting as me namely simple uncomplicated light when necessary and preferring natural light. It was also good for me to see how he plans his shoots and the crew of people that he uses to make the shoot happen. I hope to be as successful as Jeff is one day and taking this workshop really helped me feel like getting to the next level was closer to me now than ever before. I would invite you to check out his site and his work. During the entire workshop he was really approachable and friendly about anything you wanted to ask him, which made me respect him even more. In an age when so many big photographers have huge egos and anrn’t very approachable it was sure nice to meet someone like Jeff which was completely opposite.  After taking this workshop and talking to Jeff I think there are a few things that has helped him to become as successful as he is and that can help all of us photographers become more successful. First, he is a really cool and genuine person. This really helps when you photograph people for a living because lets face it everyone from the person you are photographing to the client to the crew you work with are all affected by working with some that is personable and fun. Second, he plans everything out before he shoots to make sure he will get the shot. He knows the location, where the light(sun) is going to be at what time etc. We can all learn from this. Third, he is great as seeing light and how to shape it in a flattering way for his subjects. He uses the same lights and modifiers on all his shoots so he knows what to expect. It is important to be confident in what and how you are going to light things when you need to. Lastly he works really hard and knows his style. Everyone that has done this for even a little while knows that great photos don’t just accidentally happen they are created and it takes a ton of work to get things dialed. You have to know who you are as a photographer and maintain that style.  All in all it was a great experience. Even the unexpected 12 hour drive home with fellow photographer Derek Isrealsen because both of our flights got cancelled out of Albuquerque due to a crazy wind storm was fun. Here are a few of the shots I got while down there!

Jeff Lipsky Portrait as requested by Jeff haha! Probably my favorite!

Nikon D4 Review: My first impressions

Last week I got the phone call that I had been waiting for, my Nikon D4 that I had ordered had arrived and was ready for me to pick up. I was so exited and yes a little nervous about the amount of money that was going to be leaving my bank account, haha! After picking it up I was exited to get it out and start shooting it. In this post I want to do a quick first impression of the camera up and than hopefully as I shoot with it a bit more do a more extensive review later.

Coming from shooting with the D3 for the last 4 years I was interested to see how the D4 felt in comparison. As soon as I got it out the first couple of things I noticed as I held it was the the additional thumb grip when shooting with it vertically,  which felt great.  Second, the addition of the two smaller joysticks to move the focus points when shooting. These are such a great new addition. It really makes getting that selection point where it needs to be quick and easy. I’m still getting used to using them since they are new but I really like both of these new additions.  I also love the illuminating buttons a simple thing but is a great feature. The dials all feel really solid and when moved click into place nicely. The entire body feels really nice in your hands. The screen is super sharp and a little larger which is always a bonus.

One of the main reasons I upgraded to the D4 was I was exited to start shooting some video with it. The video I saw Corey Rich create with it Why was so rad I’m exited to start creating some cool videos of some of my favorite activities and for my clients. I’ve only shot a couple of quick clips with it but I love the feel and depth of the video.

Also I like the new time-lapse feature. I went out and shot a quick time-lapse movie today which the D4 does all in camera which is a cool new feature. I’ve never done much with this in the past but I think there could be some cool applications of for the future for both myself and for clients. Here is sample below.

Raw files from the D4 are coming in at 35mb compared to the D3 at 25mb and so far am really happy with the quality of the images I’m getting. I think the 16mp is a good sweet spot for quality vs file size. I really debated about the D800 but feel that for me the D4 is a better overall camera and the 75mb files from the D800 would really start to take up alot of space over time. I think I will pick up a D800 eventually to shoot some specific types of images ie landscapes and some studio editorial work. I think because of the feel and features of the D4 it was a better first choice for me although it would have been nice to save some money.

Overall first impressions of camera are really good. There are plenty of features of this camera I have yet to delve into but as I do I will post my experiences with them. This camera for me is going to shine in my editorial and active lifestyle shots. I’m really exited to go out and get some cool new running or cycling shots with this camera but know that it will be great to shoot everything with. For a full list of features from Nikon click here.