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A walk in the Park

A couple of weeks ago I went for a nice stroll in the park with Karri when it was really foggy and cool outside. I love shooting at night when its foggy outside. I used to do it alot when I was in High School. I really love shoot late at night when there isn’t anyone around and its nice and peaceful. Even big cities sleep and there is something cool about capturing that. Fog doesn’t really happen alot here in Salt Lake, so when it does I like to take advantage and go out and see what I can get. It is also nice sometimes to just go out and shoot some photos for myself. I don’t have to worry about making a client happy or making sure I can use it for my portfolio. It is very refreshing to just go out with nothing in mind other than to capture what you find interesting as you meander around in the middle of the night. So these are a few shots I got from that night. On these I actually shot at f/16 or higher with exposures around I believe around 15-25 sec at 400 IS0 on a tripod of course. This was the first time I had tried shooting at night at higher f-stops and I really liked the results they are all really sharp and have a nice feel I think! Here you go!

On a more personal note!

I wanted to post a little blurb about me getting engaged last Friday night! It’s official! I will be getting married May 14th, 2009 to Karri Cape.  I meet Karri last summer on my Lake Powell trip, and things have just steadily progressed from there. I am way exited and just wanted everyone to know! I also just moved back downtown into a new place which is also way good! It is really nice to be back downtown and closer to the studio. I love my new place, thanks Armstrong!  I have a bunch of new projects that I will posting this week from recent jobs over the last couple of months. There also is a small problem with the archival links not working properly, which i am trying to fix, so please be patient with that. I’ve been slacking on my postings so I apologize, and promise to do a better job in the future! Here are a couple of snapshots from the engagement! Stay tuned!