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Attempt #1 at Snow Sailing

This last Saturday I was invited out to go sailing to continue my work on my Sailing the Great Salt Lake Project that I started over the summer. Which I was exited about because it was really foggy that day.  I’ve been wanting to get some cool winter sailing images since the Great Salt Lake is the only lake I know of that you can sail on in freezing temperatures. I got out there but the we had a problem with a fuel line which made it impossible to get out of the marina. So bummed. I will have to try again soon. Hopefully we will have better luck next time. I did get a nice shot of Lance as he was taking a short break from shoveling out his boat in preparation for departure. LanceInMarinaSnow-1

Sunrise at 11,000′

Happy New Year Everyone! I had the opportunity yesterday to go up and shoot some photos of the sunrise from the top of Snowbird Ski Resort. It was amazing. I had to get up at 5:15am, get ready, and drive up to the ski resort to catch the 7am tram to the top with the ski patrol. It was so cold, but so amazing. It was probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life. I have been working on other projects lately that I will be posting soon but I had to get these shots up to show. Special thanks to: Deb & Chris Rowley and Dean Cardinale of Snowbird for getting me access and the opportunity to shoot up there. Lastly, to my brother Kyle for the new gloves he gave me on Christmas, they saved my fingers. haha!

Check them out! Let me know if you have a favorite, I’m pretty sure one of these is going to make it into the personal work portfolio. This was the first shoot of the new year, it was a nice way to start things off.

Snowy Night

I went out last week after the supposed “blizzard” that came through last week and shot some photos after the storm. Got a few nice shots I thought. It’s funny though we only got a couple inches of snow during that storm and had I known that the storm that came through on Sunday was going to be as big as it was, I would have waited. We got over a foot at my house downtown. It was crazy, but I’m still happy with these shots and it was nice to go out and just shoot what I felt looked interesting.  I love walking around at night after it snows, it is so beautiful and quiet. Even if your living in a city, everything is so mellow. Here a few of my favorites from the night. All of these were long exposures shot on a tripod at f/16 or higher.

Work, Work, Work and on a more personal note……I’m going to be a dad!

Wow! It always amazes me how fast time goes by. It’s already almost June. I have been so busy that it has been hard keep up on my blog. I’ve been working on on some great projects this last month for Workers Compensation Fund of Utah, the LDS Church,  Outreach Magazine (a national christian magazine out of San Diego), Utah Businesses Magazine, and Energy Solutions. I will be putting up some of that work soon but I just post a little something on a more personal note today.

My wife and I went in today for an ultrasound to find out what we were having and make sure the baby looking good. She has been pregnant since Jan. and is about 5 months along. We found out that we are having a beautiful baby girl. We are so exited. It was such a cool experience to sit there and see my first baby. It was so amazing. It’s funny when you find out your having a baby nothing really changes that much and than you hear the heart beat or see it on a monitor and it definitely makes it more of a reality. Here is a little photo they gave us.  Thanks for following my blog I really appreciate it! Stayed tuned for some images of the last few projects that I’ve been doing.

Here she is!