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Utah Business Healthcare Hero’s ’11

Last month I spent about a week shooting this years Healthcare Hero’s article for Utah Business Magazine. I was really happy with how these shots turned out.

I shot most of these, not all of them, with the new Pocketwizard TT1 and TT5 wireless transmitters with a couple of SB800 speedlights. I have really been liking what I’ve been getting with these transmitters. Not only can I shoot at higher sync speeds like 800/sec or 1000/sec but they don’t have to be line of sight which is so nice. In this series of images I wanted to shoot with a window and/or natural light in the background (when possible)  and at really wide open f-stop like 2, but not let the background blowout and with the new Pocketwizards I can do both. I can also use them at the same time with my Profoto D1 Air kit that I have. This came in really handy for when we shot the cover which we shot on location at a local hospital. I needed an extra light to soften a shadow on the background, so I used both of my D1 Air lights and one of my SB800’s to light the cover. The pocketwizards have really opened up some new ways of shooting for me and I really love them.

I was really grateful for the opportunity to shoot this for Utah Business Magazine. They have been a great client of mine for the last 4 and half years and this is one the fun projects I get to shoot for them every year. It is great because it is a challenge to get a good shot of these individuals and there is quite a few people to photograph. Often time I only have a few min. to get the shot and the locations are often a far from ideal, plus I need them to look similar for the article. I get to meet some great individuals and it a real pleasure to shoot. Here are the shots I would love to get some feedback if you feel so inclined. Thanks for checking out my blog and for your support. Thanks to all the individuals I photographed that are doing great things in our healthcare system. Have a great day!



Workers Compensation Annual Report

I just finished up the photos of the new annual report for Workers Compensation Fund. We did 7 shots over a day and a half or so. It was a great shoot. They switched it up this year and didn’t do the signs like we did last year. Instead they incorporated employees that had good things written about them by policy holders that demonstrated the values of the company. I always love shooting for them. There is always a really great vibe. Check out the shots! Thanks Rachel, Ben and Greg and Cory for your help.