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Rocks and Ruins

I took a couple of trips these last few weeks to Mexico and to the San Rafael Swell in southern Utah. My wife and I went to Mexico and my brother, who was in town from Portland, took me down to the San Rafael Swell with the rest of my family for some camping and canyoneering in some of Utah’s amazing slot canyons. The canyon that he took us to got so narrow that you turn sideways and take your backpack off to get through at spots, it was so rad! Than while my wife and I were in Mexico we went to Chichen Itza which is now one of the 7 wonders of the world. I wanted to share so of the shots I got of these two great places. Enjoy!

Here are a few shots I got in southern Utah

Here are a few from Mexico

Happy New Year! How About A Rail Jam?

Happy New Year everyone! I am really exited about this new year. We had a great holiday season. It was nice to spend some time with my family and enjoy Christmas and the New Year. I shot photos at the Eve Salt Lake Event that happened downtown for the new year. I wanted to share some of the shots from the rail jam that I got from the event. It was fun to shoot some new snow stuff. Thanks to all the riders and Eve SLC. Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year! -Brandon & Karri (My sweet wife)