Adweek Editorial Portrait

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to shoot an editorial portrait of Struck Creative, an agency here in Salt Lake for Adweek Magazine. I was really excited about shooting this. The assignment was to create a nice portrait of the Executive Creative Director Steve Driggs and their CEO Daniel Conner on location at their office. I was asked to capture something that illustrated their personalities a bit and was interesting to look at.

A few days before the shoot I went and scouted out the location. As I brainstormed with one their creatives Dane Rahlf we came up with concept of using a whole bunch of sticky notes as a background. I was pretty excited. Then the day of the shoot came and I showed up with my assistant to start setting up. I was then informed that we needed to add a third person into the shot. I was worried about doing that because I think the more people you add the harder it gets to capture a really solid image. We also had to shoot with a square crop, but we had to make it work.  We got set up, but I wasn’t loving it with only the sticky notes, the image needed something else. Then I noticed this red couch and decided to add that.  I think it added a nice pop of color and weight to the image. Thanks to Adweek for the opportunity to shoot this, Dan, and everyone at Stuck. I have to say it was quit intimidating to photograph such a creative group but they were really nice to work with and in the end we got a good shot.
Adweek Portrait-Struck

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